GMAP Today: Bar Quest

It’s a dark and rainy day, but it’s Friday! I guess another Friday night hangout is in order. Last week was Shinjuku, but today it’s Roppongi.

Bar Quest is an Australian bar located behind the main road leading to Tokyo Tower. Bar Quest Map To be honest, I’m not sure what makes it an Australian bar. The crowd gathers quite late here, but I recommend going there earlier for the happy hour. All drinks for 500yen until 10PM! A great way to get plastered before you start bar hopping. Heck, you can end up there again before the first train. The crowd gets pretty interesting as morning approaches.

Quest also has some interesting events. Speed dating, latin dance lessons, etc. Ask the bartender for details. They also have a large screen and TVs to view videos and sports events. It was a great place to watch the recent World Cup matches.

Quest will also celebrate its 4-year anniversary next Friday and Saturday. Hope to see you there!!!