Yamada Denki LABI Shibuya Grand Opening! Sept 26 (Fri)

Yamada Denki will open its new LABI store in Shibuya this Friday. They will join Bic Camera and Sakuraya as one of the three major electronics store in the area. The building, which is located just behind 109, is huge and should act as a landmark in the area.

The building consists of eight floors with total floor capacity of 8,858.87 square meters. Yes, that means more people in Shibuya! Sigh…

Location: LABI Shibuya
Other electronic stores: Bic Camera Shibuya Hachiko-guchi, Bic Camera Shibuya Higashi-guchi, Sakuraya Shibuya
Website:www.yamadalabi.com / www.yamada-denki.jp
Photos: Special thanks to Kazuya MinamiFlickr Site