GMAP Today: Livedoor

As many of you know, former Livedoor Co. President Takafumi Horie started “On the Edge” before purchasing Livedoor and adopting the latter’s name. But did you know where it all started? Did you know that On the Edge was located on the other side of Roppongi from Roppongi Hills? Currently we have one company in the same building as where On the Edge was located. Hey we just work here

Actually, SIRVA Relocation is on the 5th floor, whereas On the Edge was on the 8th. On the Edge, established in 1996, later moved to Shibuya in 2000, before moving back to Roppongi in 2004. It is ironic that a relocation company is in the same building where Livedoor its start. A moving company is also currently in the same building. Maybe Livedoor could use some new moving and relocation services!

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