GMAP Today: GEOX – ジェオックス

The fast-growing company from Italy is now actively expanding into Japan. What makes the shoes from GEOX unique is that they have micro-holes on the rubber outsoles so that the air can come in and out. Basically, it lets your feet breathe. This helps to lower the temperature inside the shoe and can prevent moisture to accumulate in your feet. Great for those on the run.

I bought a pair myself the other day and find them very comfortable. The genius behind it is that while the shoe lets perspiration to escape, it does not allow water to enter it even in the rain.

Check out in more detail here. It has photos and maps to shops. →GEOX Site

There are three GEOX stores GEOX – Ginza, GEOX – Ebisu Mitsukoshi and GEOX – Gaiemmae

日本語の地図はこちら → ジェオックス 銀座店ジェオックス 恵比寿三越店ジェオックス 外苑前店

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