Yokoso Japan! Just don’t stay in any of our Inns or Hotels!

Yokoso Japan, which translates to “Welcome to Japan,” is a slogan used by the “Visit Japan Campaign.” The goal of the campaign is to attract 10-million foreigners to Japan by 2010. The figure includes those on business and those for trips and is a rise from 8.35-million in 2007. Well, that has just taken a setback.

According to a survey taken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, over 70% of hotels and inns that did not have foreign guests last year also do not want them in the future. You could argue that the owners of the establishments couldn’t possibly judge what they haven’t or haven’t recently experienced.

However, the survey also revealed that over 60% of the hotels and inns that did have foreign guests last year do not want them anymore either. It would be interesting if they broke down the nationalities, gender, age, length of time in Japan, etc. But then again, it might be too embarrassing.

OK. GMAP makes maps, so we are willing to map out those places that do not want any foreign guests! Just let us know! Send us an email to needit@gmap.co.jp and we will create a map and post it! Maybe you can send us places you think foreigners are not welcome!

If Tokyo wins the 2016 Olympics, where will everyone stay? I think the places from the banner below are okay.